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Abe Lincoln On Acid

There are whispers even now that Abraham Lincoln never really died, that a voodoo spell cursed him with a terrible eternal life. It has even been claimed that he robbed banks in the 1930s with John Dillinger, only to mysteriously disappear once again into the pages of history. But the truth is even stranger than the rumors...

Watched over by a vengeful J. Edgar Hoover and held in a secret location near his old Springfield home, Lincoln re-awakens in the 1960s, and finds himself thrust into an era even more turbulent than the Depression, a time where a divisive war is once again tearing a nation apart and political intrigue and assassinations are rampant.

Escaping Hoover’s clutches with a clever bit of deception, he navigates an even more treacherous and unfamiliar terrain, finding an ally in John Voci, a young San Francisco folk-singer. Together they journey across a counter-cultural landscape, meeting those who believe a great man has returned, and striving to remain free from those who want to bury him once and for all.

Will Lincoln inspire the younger generation and save his country from its final reckoning, or will he turn on, tune in, and drop out?

In the joyful sequel to Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1, Anthony and Walker continue their goofy, endearing adventures of an immortal ex-president battling the evil of Hoover’s henchmen during the Summer of Love. This charming yarn speeds along at a breakneck pace but takes time to linger on pleasant nostalgia trips, as Lincoln reprises his penchant for bank heists and daring escapes, expanding his interests to psychedelic experiences. With the gentle, constant support of folk singer John Voci, Lincoln crosses the country twice in search of himself, like everyone else in the psychedelic era. Along the way he inspires radical youths, gives support to a noble minister, and explores his own legacy. The authors’ irreverence is enhanced by an obvious affection for the material. Though the setting and situations are absurd, the perils contrived, and the outcome preordained, the journey is made worth the trouble by the protagonist’s relentless optimism coupled with steely pragmatism. Readers will delight in this fun, frivolous indulgence. —Publishers Weekly

"A blend of wit, action, and spot-on homage to a national treasure."—Clarion (Five Stars)

A wonderfully intoxicating fantasy that thrives on speculation, Abe Lincoln On Acid proves an original read from the start. It's one of those mesmerizing tales that sneaks up on the reader as the barriers between reality and an alternative take on history dissolve to reveal an unhinged and imaginative appeal. Increasingly rare in the realms of contemporary fiction, Walker, along with Brian Anthony, delivers a deeply layered narrative with an intriguing slant on 1960's culture. It's audacious and witty and that alone is more than enough to recommend it, but together they bring a texture to their characters which is simply sublime whilst the play between Abe and J. Edgar Hoover is proof positive of the intellects behind the pen. Dialogue is pitch perfect, but not overplayed, with Walker and Anthony trusting us to find our own ironies and relish the contradictions to be found in Abe Lincoln's psychedelic reanimation. They make us laugh, but equally as important they make us think and want to explore their characters. They're cleverly nuanced without degenerating their place in history, but it's Walker's and Anthony's extraordinary attention to detail that ultimately brings them to life. A combination that makes for a great read and one not easily forgotten.

With broad appeal, Abe Lincoln On Acid should be at the very top of your reading list whilst Walker and Anthony are authors you should certainly keep on your radar. An exceptional read by any standard, it is recommended without reservation! —Book Viral